Creperie Suzette: The best dessert The Rocks offers

Creperie Suzette: The best dessert The Rocks offers

If you’re looking for the best post-dinner dessert The Rocks offers its visitors, Creperie Suzette should be at the top of your list. With historic charm, updated furnishings and a menu that delights both sweet and savory fans, Creperie Suzette has something for everyone. An added bonus? Find Creperie Suzette at the best location in Sydney.

Enjoy a menu of seven sweet and seven savory crepes with a wide selection of quality coffee brews, along with an excellent beer and wine selection.

Check out the complete menu, café hours or even contact Creperie Suzette to host an event.

The perfect location in the heart of Sydney

Creperie Suzette is ideally located in one of Sydney’s most desirable neighborhoods for both visitors and residents.

The Rocks District is a vibrant, cultural hub, home to much of Sydney’s best art galleries, music venues and international cuisine. Located within walking distance from some of Sydney’s most famous tourist attractions, such as the National Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can’t get a better location for a post-meal dessert and coffee or a midday treat.

Because who said dessert has to come after dinner?

Enjoy a day of meandering along the streets of the Rocks District tasting local eats, listening to live outdoor music or viewing some of Sydney’s most famous artists, proudly displayed in their galleries.

If it’s the weekend, you’re in luck! The Rocks District comes alive even more on the weekend than it does during weekdays, with the help of open-air markets offering local food and handmade creations.

While you’re enjoying all that The Rocks has in store, don’t forget to check out Creperie Suzette for a snack, dessert or cup of richly brewed coffee.

French cuisine in Sydney?!

While it may not seem to make sense that you would find great French food in Sydney, there are plenty of reasons that you shouldn’t rule it out so far from France.

Australia has always been a country of immigrants and a melting pot of different cultures. France included, there are hundreds of countries that have brought everything from their sports and music to their art and food into Australia.

Sydney, being the capital of Australia, is naturally a hub for these cultural elements to flourish, particularly the international cuisine.

Decidedly, Sydney is as good a place as any to enjoy delicious French cuisine at an authentic café. Real, buttery crepes, mouth-watering galettes and every Frenchmen’s favourite beverages, like wine and espresso, are yours to enjoy in this corner of France outside of Europe.

The Rocks dessert: What’s on the menu

What are you in the mood for tonight? The Rocks dessert menu, features something for everyone.

If you love chocolate, you should try the La Nutella Banane or La Fraise.
The Nutella crepe is, unsurprisingly, a classic Nutella and sliced banana crepe. If you’re not a Nutella fan or want something sweeter than banana, the La Fraise crepe is filled with fresh, juicy strawberries, dark chocolate sauce, double cream and walnuts.

For something more classic, the La Sucre Et Citron is adorned with refreshing lemon juice and sugar.

The La Suzette is the most recommended crepe for dessert by Creperie Suzette staff. With caramalised sugar, fresh orange zest and Grand Marnier liqueur, it is truly one of the most unique and “zesty” desserts that could be dreamed up.

For a twist on classic apple pie, La Pomme Cannelle is chock full of soft, sweet poached apples and cinnamon. Or, the La Crème De Marrons is filled with nothing but delicate, creamy fresh-made chestnut cream.

But for the true dessert enthusiast, you can’t miss the La Crème Au Beaurre Sale. With salted caramel, sliced almonds and ice cream, it is the perfect way to finish off a meal! An ice cold scoop of ice cream on top of a hot, freshly made crepe is an unbeatable combination.

Not a dessert fan? Don’t worry

If dessert isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of reasons to visit Creperie Suzette for savory pancakes in Sydney.

For the savory lover, there are seven salty galette combinations for a full blown meal or in-between meal snack. Delight your taste buds with classic combinations such as ham, aged cheddar and egg (brought to you in the La Compete galette) or the smoked Tasmanian salmon, capers, cream fraiche and dill filled La Tasmanienne galette.

For the more adventurous diner, why not try the La Pekinoise, generously filled with Peking duck, spring onion, mature cheddar cheese and hoisin sauce. This take on the classic Beijing peking duck dish, traditionally served with steamed Chinese pancakes, spring onion, thin cucumber slices and sweet plum sauce, is an updated, French take on the famous meal.

This crepe is another great example of the fusion of cultures that grace Sydney’s food scene.

Other takes on classics include the highly recommended and popular La Biquettte, filled with goat cheese, fresh pesto, vine ripened tomato and crisp rocket or the La Poule Aux Epinards, which includes shredded chicken, spinach and a creamy Dijon mustard spread.

Finally, La Vegetarienne is great for vegetarians that still want a little punch of sweet to go with their savory dish. Stuffed with sweet caramelized onions, tart roasted red peppers, rocket and salty parmesan cheese, it is the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

An unexpected surprise in the heart of Sydney

While not the first place your mind goes to when you have a craving for French food, Sydney has unexpected surprises for everyone throughout the city.

The Rocks District is home to many of these surprises, with unique cultural elements ranging from art and music to food and nightlife, any day of the week in this lively neighborhood.

Come as a tourist and take home some unique, handmade souvenirs, tasting native food and a host of international eats. As a local, spend your weekends meeting friends, listening to live music and viewing rotating artists in their galleries.

Whether you’re looking for the best dessert The Rocks offers or want something salty to satisfy your savory craving, stop by Creperie Suzette for the best French café experience out of Paris. With freshly made coffee, quality ingredients in both the batter and in the filling of your favorite crepes and selection of fine wines, you won’t get closer to France than this.

Come on down to Sydney’s best French café and bistro in the Rocks District.